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Wanna host a walk? 👀

Well geez, that's super cool. This is Elle Beecher, founder of The Board and OG walk host.

I want to live in a world where every Saturday at 8 AM — no matter what city you’re in — you can meet up with a curious crew of Ted Lassos, walk 5 miles, and have energizing conversations.

I've hosted The Board Walks in Austin for over a year. I can't find the words to capture how much it's changed my life.


But... let me try:


I went from feeling socially anxious to socially unstoppable.


I went from being an enthusiastic guest who had never hosted anything in her life (and didn't plan to)... to hosting weekly events at 8 AM. As a non-morning person.


I went from being a perfectionist who agonized over little mistakes... to someone who trusts myself fully and accepts that however I show up is enough. (Major thanks to the Ground Rules speech I give in front of 50+ people every week.)

I went from being a people pleaser who often got stuck in situations and conversations I didn't want to be in... to a woman with strong boundaries who does what she wants, in all moments.

I went from being someone who would regularly avoid conflict, say nothing, and suffer in silence... to a community builder who initiates hard conversations with ease.

I have never felt more confident, curious or connected to my community. Dozens of people have nicknamed me the mayor of Austin and a recurring quote from walkers is: "You're really doing a public service here. Where can I donate?"

Being "The Walk Girl" in my city has transformed my life. I'd bet my bottom dollar that it will do the same for you.

If this resonates, and you want to take on a wild challenge of hosting a weekly walk at 8 AM in your city (following a proven method I invented from scratch)...


Apply to start an official chapter of The Board Walks. ✨


I understand that hosting The Board Walks requires...

Thanks so much for your interest.

Elle will be in touch via email to schedule a chat! 🥰

When I first came to Austin, I didn't know anyone and wanted to connect with other growth-oriented individuals. The walks were the perfect solution. They have a culture of people who want to grow and improve their career, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.
My favorite memory was my first walk conversation where I learned that I'm not the only person who's intimidated by social situations. It left me feeling more confident and empowered.

Megan M. | Austin, TX

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