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Welcome to the warm and fuzzy page. 🥰

It really makes my day when people share how the walks have impacted their lives. In ways big and small.


(Seriously... it keeps our hosts fired up and ready to host with goldendoodle energy every Saturday morning!)

So, if you have a walk story... I'd be very grateful if you shared.

Write as much as you'd like. Heck, use this as a walk-themed journal entry! If you'd like to submit a selfie video for our Yearbook, email

Some questions to spark reflection:

  • What was the most impactful conversation or moment you've had on the walks? Why?

  • What makes the walks special? Why do you enjoy them? What keeps you coming back?

  • Have you grown as a person or learned something new about yourself due to the walks? If so, can you share more?

  • Do any aspects of your life look different because of the walks? In friendship, romance, business, or overall feeling of connection?

  • What stands out as your favorite walk memories? 

Thanks for being part of the walk's magic,

elle beecher

Thanks again for sharing this! It means a lot.

I moved to Austin in April. I spent my first month trying to find a community. Everything changed when I came to the walk. It's hard to find a group of genuinely open-minded, curious, and deep people today.
Several things make the walks special. For starters, the diversity of people is key to this community and makes it feel so accepting. From teachers to software engineers, the diversity of thought and opinions is not common to come across in everyday life. My favorite conversations have been about dissecting the world's problems, with my recurring topic being the US immigration system.
The intentionality within this group is unmatched. Everyone shows up with acceptance, curiosity and openness. Every walk is therapy, a full college course, and a fan club for the latest show all in 2 hours on the trail. Sorry if this seems all over the place, but I don't think there can ever be a normal way to describe the walks.

Tameron M. | Austin, TX

IMG_9820 Walk 52.jpg

Postcards from a year of walks in Austin...

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