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5x your chances of having a life-changing conversation.

 The Board Walks bring curious people together to walk 5 miles and brainstorm – every Saturday at 8 AM. ✨

What makes them special?

All members of The Board follow these Ground Rules...


#1: Get ready to brainstorm!

Our intention is to walk 5 miles and have energizing conversations. About what? Well, that’s up to you!


We’ve talked about finding your life's purpose, setting boundaries with family, getting fired and starting companies — and everything in between. (That's why we welcome curious folks across all ages and industries... who you probably wouldn't meet otherwise!)


Don't worry, you don't have to prepare a TED Talk... but we do ask that you come with a thoughtful topic to share. Think of your topic like the dish you'd bring to your crush's potluck. If everyone brings an A+ dish, then we'll create the most epic 8 AM potluck on the planet. Be a good egg and impress your crush.

#2: Be curious, kind and open-minded.

Would your friends describe you as curious, kind and open-minded? Wonderful, you'll fit right in. To make the magic happen, everyone must share these 3 qualities.


The walks are like chicken soup for the soul. Together, we create a welcoming space for newcomers on every walk (yay!) and we care about the impact we have on others. We have zero tolerance for exclusion, bullying, discrimination, or harassment.


You won’t click with everyone, and that’s okay… no one does! But please treat everyone with respect and be open to gentle feedback. (Many of our "regulars" say these walks will 5x your self-awareness and personal growth.)

#3: Find two-way flow.

We try to maintain a healthy give-and-take in conversation. We walk with a shared mindset of “Let’s muse together and think out loud”… not “Let me monologue and ask you zero questions." 


We’re feeling relaxed and playing conversational Legos – but we don’t know what we’re building until it’s over. (Sometimes, not until weeks later. And we watch it slowly take shape at each walk!) 

#4: Float with purpose.

We float into multiple conversations with zero judgment. Some folks even have a goal of talking to 5+ people each time.


Our walks are 5 miles (~2 hours) of organic and unguided conversation. You choose your own adventure. It might feel a little awkward, but this walk is designed for discomfort. Why? Because "off" moments show us where we need to grow. Want to listen to your gut? Leave a conversation effortlessly? Feel socially unstoppable? Walk this way.

#5: Come with insights, not agendas.

Please don’t sell or promote anything to our community.


We're here to genuinely connect, not network. Our crew's go-to question is "What do you think?" – rather than "What do you do?" 


Help us preserve the magic of this neutral, agenda-free space. ✨

#6: Romance is not in the air.

If you think “Huh, the walks might be a good place to find a boo!”… please think again. We're suckers for romance, but this walk is not the place to speed date. Let's keep that energy at the bars, happy hours and literally anywhere besides our walks.


However... if you do develop a giant crush on somebody at 8 AM, we have a strict “One Reach Out, No Response, Keep It Moving” rule.


If they don't respond or say yes, respect the person's decision and do not ask again. (We are once again asking you to be a good egg.)


If you join us, you agree to our Ground Rules and understand that we will disinvite anyone who doesn’t follow them.

No biggie. It happens sometimes. For this community to thrive, it's critical that everyone shares the same intention and values. There are a lot of communities and events that may be a better fit.


But if our walks sound exciting: join members of The Board every Saturday at 8 AM. Rain or shine. Since July 2022.


Let's brainstorm in motion... and maybe even add some new folks to your personal board of directors! 🙌


The Board Walks are a thoughtful environment for conversation to flow and fresh insights to bloom. Please contact your walk hosts or email if anyone is not following our Ground Rules. 

IMG_9820 Walk 52.jpg


Great, you'll fit right in. Sign up for our newsletter to read stories about our members and their conversations... even if you can't join us IRL (yet!). 🙏

You rock! Thanks for staying in touch. 💃🕺


I moved to Austin in April. I spent my first month trying to find a community. Everything changed when I came to the walk. It's hard to find a group of genuinely open-minded, curious, and deep people today.
Several things make the walks special. For starters, the diversity of people is key to this community and makes it feel so accepting. From teachers to software engineers, the diversity of thought and opinions is not common to come across in everyday life. My favorite conversations have been about dissecting the world's problems, with my recurring topic being the US immigration system.
The intentionality within this group is unmatched. Everyone shows up with acceptance, curiosity and openness. Every walk is therapy, a full college course, and a fan club for the latest show all in 2 hours on the trail. Sorry if this seems all over the place, but I don't think there can ever be a normal way to describe the walks.

Tameron M. | Austin, TX

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